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The Chill—Neo Salts 30ML Bottle

The Chill—Neo Salts 30ML Bottle

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Not for Sale to persons under the age of 21


Ditch the nicotine salts and switch to our superior botanical recreational alternative! Now avail in 25 & 50MG!

Dive into the refreshing oasis of our strawberry and watermelon fusion, now available in a 30ml bottle!

Savor the tantalizing mix of strawberry and watermelon, and relish the icy, nicotine-free satisfaction of Berry Melon Chill, made possible by Nixodine's bio-alternative blend.

Delight in the ideal 60% VG and 40% PG formula, ensuring a perfect balance of flavor and cooling clouds.

Experience the ultimate chill with "Berry Melon Chill," where fruity refreshment meets icy delight.


ATTENTION: This is not a tobacco product and not intended for use as a tobacco product. This product contains Nixodine, a nicotine-free bio-alternative.

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