Why Nixodine?

Ditch the nic and switch to Nixodine, our preferred choice for the next generation of e-liquid! 

What is Nixodine (Also known as Nixomide)?
Nixodine a bio-alternative derived from a vitamin B blend. 

What are the effects?
Nixodine curbs your cravings with a 100% nicotine-free experience. Our customers describe the Nixodine effect as very similar but with a boost of clarity & calm. 

What's the taste?
Ready for smoother and cleaner vaping journey? Then try Nixodine to elevate your vaping experience with far more complex and vibrant flavors. From our consumer tests, Nixodine is a natural flavor enhancer, making vape liquid taste much better with no harshness.

Is there a throat hit? 
Nixodine will not induce your accustomed throat hit naturally, but we have devised a means to mimic that too! A very mild TH is present in our new line of liquid. Although a similar experience to a nicotine vapes, e-liquids with Nixodine do not provide the exact same experience. We encourage customers to try Nixodine with an open mind and understand although it is similar, it is a different chemical and will yield a different experience. 

Is it FDA approved? 
No. Nixodine is a bio-alternative to nicotine. It is not a tobacco product and contains no nicotine from any source. Nixodine is regulated under the Dietary and Supplements Act. Statements about this product have not been evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Recommended Daily Allowance not established

Is it safe?
See the link below for lab test results. In short, toxicology testing showed that Nixodine is potentially less toxic than nicotine consumed in combustible tobacco or vaping. Use with caution.