FAQ & Support

• How can I contact Firebrand?
Firebrand Customer support can be reached Monday-Friday 11AM-5:30PM, PST by calling 888.490.2510. You can also reach us after hours or on weekends by either logging into your customer account and leaving us a message or emailing help [at] firebrandamerican.com. We are determined to help you out with any issues or questions & a support rep will get back to you ASAP on any electronic transmissions.

• What are your return policies?
30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all starter kits. No exchanges. Full refunds or store credit only. Customer is responsible for return shipping fees.

Liquitine Satisfaction Guarantee. Applies to any single 10ML purchase of our USA Made Liquitine. Full refunds or store credit only. Customer is responsible for return shipping fees.

If for any reason your Firebrand purchase causes issues during its guarantee or warranty period, you may send it back for a refund, store credit or exchange of the same product. We will reimburse your shipping fees via store credit up to $5.99 (domestically or internationally). Please see each individual product’s return/exchange/replacement policy

• Is this an age restricted product?
Yes. You absolutely must be over the age of 21 to purchase our products. We take this issue very seriously and do not market or sell our products to persons under the age of 21 under any circumstances, we also age veryify every single purchase using Age Verification Software. You must enter your birthdate upon check out, and agree that you are committing fraud if providing false information about yourself or your age. Persons under the age of 18 purchasing or using our products is illegal & we consider this action a threat to our business. Firebrand will use any and all legal remedies available to us on anyone who purchases, distributes or uses our products to persons under the age of 18 as it is illegal and we consider it a fraud against our terms and conditions.

• Does it contain nicotine?
Yes. All of our Liquitine products contain nicotine including the liquid inside our Cyclone Cartomizers. Nicotine is addictive & toxic if swallowed - use at own risk. California consumers must be made aware of the following disclaimer: CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65: Our Liquitine products contain nicotine, a chemical known by The State of California to cause birth defects or reproductive harm.  

• What is it?

An electronic cigarette or ENV as we call it is a personal nicotine vaporizer that consists of a battery for power, an atomizer (heating device) & plastic cartridge that contains a liquid flavor mixture with various strengths of nicotine derived from tobacco leaf.

• How does it work?
ENVs work by the battery element activating the atomizer which then vaporizes the liquid mixture. The end result is nicotine laced vapor which is ingested by the user. The vapor can vary depending upon the make up of the base - generally PG (Propylene Glycol) or VG (Vegetable Glycerin) - we offer both PG & VG bases in our Liquitine.

• Is it FDA approved?
No. The liquid used in electronic cigarettes is currently not FDA approved. Use at own risk. Electronic Cigarettes are not proven smoking cessation devices. 

• Is it safer than tobacco smoke?
We advise our customers that electronic cigarettes should only be used as a recreational alternative to tobacco smoking. We make no claims of it being healthier or safer than tobacco smoke. Please consult the FDA's Web page for their stance on electronic cigarettes or your doctor as to any health concerns you may have in switching to an electronic cigarette.

• Do you use electronic cigarettes yourself?
You bet we do! We honed the entire Firebrand line after our love for electronic cigarettes. Our CEO started this company due to his passion for eCigs.

• Can I use it to quit smoking?
We believe there is a strong medical difference between stopping one's use of tobacco for an alternative & quitting tobacco smoking entirely. There have been no medical studies within the United States that prove electronic cigarettes are successful as smoking cessation devices. We advise all our customers that smoking cessation should be done with the use of a FDA approved smoking cessation device. Electronic cigarette users often report preferring eCigs as a recreational alternative to tobacco smoking, we make no claims of eCigs effectivness to quit smoking tobacco. And due to the fact that you are still ingesting nicotine, if breaking a nicotine addiction is your true goal, we advise you consult your doctor on FDA approved smoking cessation devices & techniques. Firebrand only advertises & recommends our products as a recreational alternative to tobacco smoking. 

• Does it produce smoke?
No. Our ENVs produce vapor. There is no burning process & there is no odor produced by the vapor. 

• What's the difference between PG & VG?
Vegetable Glycerin (or Glycerol) is a vegetable based bi-product deemed safe for human consumption by the FDA. It is used as a base in many foods & cosmetics due to its natural moisturizing properties.
Propylene Glycol is an odorless & colorless organic compound deemed safe for human consumption by the FDA. It can be found in a variety of pharmeceuticals, food additives and a base for such products as toothpaste, mouth wash & hair care. Please note, some people are allergic to PG, please use with caution.

• Which base is best for me?
The good news is we offer both, so you can decide for yourself.
VG: Due to its vegetable base, VG is known to produce more cloud-like, thicker vapor. It also has a tendency to be a bit sweeter than PG based liquid. We prefer VG here @ Firebrand as it also seems to last a bit longer. Also to note: due to having a slightly sweeter taste, VG does have the tenedency to slighly mask both cherry & tobacco flavors. Some people don't notice it, but any of you super tasters out there may pick up on it. Menthol, coffee, banana, cola & vanilla on the other hand seem enhanced by VG in our opinion. 

PG: Is the more popular version of Liquitne and is considered the norm for vapers. It has a tendency to have a harder throat hit for vapers who prefer that and it also produces a lighter, more airy vapor.

• Where can I find more information?
In order to ensure you are making the best decision, we advise you to only seek advice from a medical doctor or non-profit organizations dedicated to public awareness of electronic cigarettes. Please visit any of these great consumer action sites: Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives AssociationThe National Vaper's Club, or The Vaper's Coalition to ensure you are getting information that does not have a marketing bias behind it. You can also check out the FDA website for more info. 

Thank you very much for your interest in our products.
-The Firebrand Team.