Crixus Sub-Ohm

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Named after one of our favorite historical figures, Crixus is the companion flavor to our top selling Spartacus.

For you history buffs out there you'll know Crixus as Spartacus' right-hand general during the Third Servile War. But for you vapers - you just need to know Crixus is delicious!

We created a perfect nut medley of roasted peanuts and hazel nuts to create a delicious almost savory delight, then added in some toasted almonds to bring across the flavor’s high notes. It can be vaped as a nut flavor or a high-toasted tobacco.

It’s a unique and delicious, but more importantly - it’s nuts!

Flavor has been tested for consistency across the Sub-OHM spectrum at .3, .7 & .9 OHM.

75% VG for huge clouds of vapor, but still won't clog up your coils.